Maxilite Warranty

All fixtures are covered by a ONE YEAR LIMITED warranty from the original invoice date. The warranty does not cover:

• damage caused by shipping
• improper installation of the fixture
• use of lamps beyond the recommended label
• any changes made to the original fixture

No defective merchandise will be accepted without a prior Return Goods Authorization Number (RGA)

Fixtures that are damaged beyond repair are to be returned to the warehouse for inspection to help to determine the cause and prevent future issues.

Fixtures that have broken or missing components will be issued replacement parts at no charge upon approval of the RGA request. Full refunds will not be given.

*Warranties on electronic compact fluorescent and linear T5 and T8 ballasts are covered by the ballast manufacturer, not Maxilite.

*LED fixtures are covered by a five year limited warranty on module and driver from the original invoice date; contact Maxilite for details of coverage.

PDFLED Warranty


Maxilite Mfg. Ltd. assumes no responsibility for installation of our products. Installation of our products must be made by qualified personnel and meet all regulatory codes and requirements.


• No return merchandise will be accepted without a prior Return Goods Authorization Number (RGA)
• all restocking is subject to inspection
• a 25% restocking charge will be made on all approved returns
• fixture must be in original packaging/unused
• customer will be responsible for the freight charges to return to our warehouse
• no fixture will be returned for credit after 90 days from the date of the invoice date


Cancellation of orders processed for shipping are subject to a 25% restocking fee.
Cancelation of Purchase Orders – “On Hold For Release” will require 30 day notice from original ship dates to cancel. Orders cancelled without notice are subject to a 25% restocking fee.



(-02) Off White Linen
(-04) Grey Linen
(-07) Black Vinyl
(-15) Chocolate Linen
(-52) Cotton White
(-57) Black Linen


(-02) White String
(-07) Black String
(-15) Brown String


(-02) White
(-07) Black
(-11) Chrome
(-37) Ant. Bronze
(-35) Pewter
(-40) Brushed Steel


MXE – Electronic Ballast
R – Rod Suspended
AC – Aircraft Cable
T5 – Linear Florescent Lamp

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